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Welcome to mikeymarketsitall.com – As a digital marketing strategist, I’m all about crafting killer funnels and unleashing mind-bending campaigns that keep your brand at the top of everyone’s minds.

I believe in the power of real and honest business conversations, and that’s exactly what I bring to the table. With a wealth of experience in the digital realm, I’ve helped numerous brands thrive by creating engaging marketing campaigns that leave a lasting impact on their target audience.

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Case Study: Transforming Gene's Grinders into an E-commerce Powerhouse

Gene’s Grinders, a revered family-owned restaurant established in 1954 in Monrovia, California, held the status of a local “town icon.” Despite its legacy, the restaurant’s reliance on traditional foot traffic and word-of-mouth hindered its reach and growth potential.

Challenge: In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Gene’s Grinders lagged in e-commerce presence. Faced with a fading customer base and a need to engage both younger local patrons and entirely new markets, a strategic overhaul was essential.

Solution: With a vision to revitalize the brand, I took the helm of Gene’s Grinders’ marketing initiative. Recognizing the unique appeal of the homemade bread and rich history, I embarked on a comprehensive transformation journey.

E-commerce Hub: To tap into the online surge, I orchestrated the creation of an intuitive e-commerce website. Collaborating closely with a skilled developer, I led the design and user experience enhancements. The result was a seamless platform for web orders, enabling efficient in-store pickups while integrating with sales tracking.

Strategic Campaigns: Crafting two compelling campaigns for 2023, I authored captivating copy for distinct landing pages, ad content, headlines, and follow-up emails. The “Free Sandwich” and “Buy One, Get One Free” offers were tailored to resonate with the target audience.

Visual Impact: Teaming up with local designers and photographers, I curated a gallery of enticing product images and digital advertisements. This visual content was meticulously designed to captivate audiences on Facebook and Instagram, driving engagement.

Optimized Deployment: Executing the campaigns, I continuously fine-tuned ad performance, maximizing efficiency with a focus on achieving the lowest cost per click and acquisition.

📊 Results:

🚀 Campaign #1: Garnered 347 new customers (January 23, 2023 – April 2, 2023) 

🚀 Campaign #2: 450+ redeemed BOGO coupons (July 5, 2023 – Sept 9, 2023) 1.88 Average ROAS

⭐ 100 + Five-Star Reviews Collected Post Promotion Purchase Across Yelp® & Google®

Gene’s Grinders emerged from the shadows of obscurity, establishing a formidable e-commerce presence and successfully reaching and resonating with diverse audiences. The case of Gene’s Grinders showcases the potent blend of strategic vision, adept campaign execution, and meticulous optimization.

Case Study: Digital Pivot for Meals of Steel

Meet Meals of Steel – a prominent local Los Angeles meal delivery business on a mission to redefine healthy eating.  

Challenge: Before the global Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Meals of Steel relied heavily on traditional word-of-mouth and in-person gym sales to attract customers. Despite having an online platform, the company hadn’t embraced digital marketing strategies to expand its customer base.

The lockdowns of 2020 disrupted the company’s sales approach. In-person events were no longer viable, necessitating a shift to digital methods. With people relying more on social media and the internet due to social distancing, Meals of Steel had to transform into a digital powerhouse to survive. Staying top-of-mind in this new environment was essential, achieved through a strong online presence.


Strategic Campaign: Crafting a compelling campaign was pivotal. Headlines addressing concerns like avoiding crowded stores, building immunity through healthy eating, and preventing weight gain during quarantine formed the core messaging.

To stand out in the crowded meal delivery market, Meals of Steel adopted two distinct unique selling propositions: crafting meals in Los Angeles and introducing a weekly rotation of chef-prepared menus. These innovative angles added authenticity and variety, setting the stage for differentiation in a saturated market.

Creative Content: Collaborating with local creatives, I developed engaging digital ads, product visuals, and diverse landing pages to boost campaign engagement and opt-ins.

Persuasive Copy: I created persuasive copy for the $100 off promo landing page, emails, Google, and Facebook ads, experimenting with different variations.

Targeted Emailing: With a talented designer, I designed workflows in Drips email platform. I authored email content, including a welcome series, abandoned cart sequence, and customer win-back emails. Using WP Fusion, I used customer behavior to segment emails effectively.

Data-Driven Optimization: Rigorous A/B testing on Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube ensured cost-effective CPC and CPA. UTM parameters were employed for accurate platform performance tracking via Universal Google Analytics.

Personalized Customer Engagement: Post-first order, I personally contacted each customer for feedback and offered discounts for Trustpilot® reviews. This approach garnered 400+ reviews in 24 months and a 30% reorder rate.

Campaign Results:

  • ✓ Acquired 623 new customers in 24 months.
  • ✓ Reached over 500,000 ad accounts on Facebook.
  • ✓ Generated 4,000+ landing page email opt-ins.
  • ✓ Collected 400+ post purchase Trustpilot® reviews, boosting confidence.
  • ✓ Achieved $500,000 in sales within 24 months.
    ✓5.18 ROAS

This case study illustrates how Meals of Steel navigated the pandemic challenges by embracing digital marketing, resulting in substantial growth and customer engagement.

Case Study: Transforming Immigration Services Online (Future Vision)

Challenge: In the midst of a saturated legal landscape in Los Angeles, Jose Jordan & Associates finds itself heavily reliant on word-of-mouth and expensive radio ads for client acquisition. To stand out and tap into digital markets, Jose Jordan aims to undergo a strategic overhaul, transitioning to cost-effective digital marketing for its immigration services.


Digital Hub and Campaign: Collaborating with developers, we are enhancing the website’s user experience and enabling online bookings for consultations.

Unique Proposition Campaign: A digital campaign is being crafted, centered around the firm’s unique selling proposition “Latinos for Latinos,” coupled with a strong offer of “Free Fingerprints” valued at $500, strategically differentiating it from traditional billboards.

Testimonial Impact: I am leveraging local videographers to create 5 compelling testimonial videos for future Facebook ads. These videos will showcase real client experiences, aiming to build trust and reduce objections effectively.

Visual Ads and Automation: A graphic designer is working on creating visual ads that focus on the enticing free fingerprint offer. Automation will play a key role as I plan to implement Drip for email marketing and integrate Skipio with Zapier for automated SMS reminders. These will be tailored to prospects’ interactions and utilize scarcity psychology to drive responses.

Compelling Copy and Analytics: I am in the process of crafting persuasive copy for future Facebook ads and comprehensive marketing sequences. Continuous optimization will be achieved through A/B/C testing. Google Analytics 4 and Tag Manager will be integrated to track marketing efficiency. Additionally, a custom Looker Studio dashboard will monitor campaign results, leveraging custom UTM parameters for accurate measurement.

While this case study is still unfolding, the envisioned strategic digital transformation of Jose Jordan & Associates holds the promise of revolutionizing its client acquisition approach in the highly competitive legal landscape.

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